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    We all have our own stories to tell which often include deep emotional and spiritual wounds of life. We too have a story of great emotional pain of abortions, betrayal, and years of silent suffering. However, our story also includes the miracle of God’s grace turning our deepest pain and sorrow into joy, peace, love and purpose. This website is dedicated to sharing that - God’s grace heals!


A Voice to the Inner Pain

By Jodi Miller 3/9/05

So many years of living with silent guilt and shame,

So many years of quiet inner pain and sadness

Like acid eroding away everything it touches,

No place to run,

No one to talk to,

Not understanding the root of this pain.

One day God in his undeniable way shined His

Warm, gentle light into my dark, dark world,

He cared enough to touch and heal my deep silent pain from abortions.

Step by step He led me with abundant forgiveness and healing along the way.

He has given a voice to my inner pain.

No more pain, no more shame.

Now, I have a voice to my inner pain to be used to share that

You too, with a little Faith, Hope and Grace

Can give a voice to your inner pain.

Annoucing the release of our book:




A Voice to the Inner Pain: A Path to Faith, Hope and Grace 


  A Voice to the Inner Pain reveals the experiences that often shape the emotional needs that can ultimately lead to abortion. Common threads exist for many facing this choice: family dysfunction and divorce, a desperate need for acceptance, fear of abandonment, emptiness and loneliness. A misconception exists that abortion solves “the problem,” but in truth, the procedure can begin an unexpected lifetime of heartache. Jodi and Ron Miller share their story of abortion and its pain. Their hope is that readers suffering from abortion’s emotional consequences will experience a transformation through God’s grace, just as they did. The couple went from despair and blame to hope, forgiveness, healing and peace. At the same time, they hope those considering abortion will gain enlightenment about the possible lifetime of repercussions from this act.


A Peek Inside Our Book:

           How could I face myself, God, family, and friends?  If the whole truth came out surely they would condemn me.  I know how much I’ve loathed myself. I’ve struggled for my entire life, seeking to have people love and accept me.  Now, certainly they would have cause to reject me knowing what I’ve done.

            It’s taken nearly twenty years of shame, denial and silent suffering to finally accept that I killed my three babies.  How could I have made those choices? What was I thinking all those years ago?  How would I ever be healed of this undeniable, unbearable, crippling, deep- rooted pain called abortion? 

            Peering into my Pandora’s Box, the painful truth began to unfold. I had hidden from the truth long enough.  No more lies!  There was no turning back. I needed to take an honest look at my life.  Why this struggle with acceptance?  Where did these feelings stem from? The deeper I probed, the more questions I found. Why did I feel I wasn’t good enough? Why had these questions resonated in my mind all these years? I needed answers to free me from the painful, emotional merry-go-round that made me sick for so long.   






    What are people saying?

Tough Subject Honest Read ..., May 14, 2012

"A Voice to the Inner Pain is a true story and based on the aftermath of a tough subject, abortion. The writers are honest and you can sense their pain and discovery. What stands out for me is the strength in their love and all that they have endured together as a couple. You can see their evolution in their life path and the need and desire to take away the lessons learned and to share them. The insight of the story and life path of the writing affords them a depth of knowledge on a subject most people don't want to reflect upon nor deal with.

I applaud their courage in writing the book and for sharing their experiences and all that it taught them. Sadly many think abortion is an answer and only later truly feel the consequences of a choice that was supposed to be an easy answer. There are no easy answers in an unexpected or unprepared for pregnancy. The cover art is beautiful the story inside is real. The book also offers hope and places to go for support and for help. This is a book that although sad at times does offer the best ending after the decision to abort was final. Congrats to Jodi and Ron for their personal account, for sharing and for their courage to stand up and speak out on the impact of abortion. God Bless them on their continued path of healing ..."
Great resource for anyone affected by an abortion!, May 1, 2012 


"Ron and Jodi provide an honest review of the emotional baggage they carried, and how those issues contributed to their decision to abort their three children. This book is not only helpful to those who have had an abortion or may be considering it; but is also helpful to anyone who may have been affected by someone else's decision to have an abortion, or to anyone who may have a heart to minister to those who find themselves in these situations.'

****4/1/12 - "I wanted to let you know that your book really helped me. A few weeks after I talked to you I found out that I am nine weeks pregnant. I wasn't going to keep the baby but after just reading the first three chapters my mind and heart changed. I love you so much Jodi you will always be my mamma bear."

Update to the above 4/1/12 post:

Baby Lillian was born 7lbs14oz October 23, 2012 - May God Bless - you Lil Lily

One of our most precious blessing from writing & sharing our story!!!

4/10/12 -"I just finished reading, in one sitting, Jodi and Ron's new book A Voice to the Inner Healing. It grabbed me from the get-go. It is written with honesty and humility with no sugar-coating. Jodi's description of her Rachel's Vineyard retreat was inspiring and oh so well describes the power of each exercise in the retreat.I purchased several copies from the publisher online and I plan to give them to the several pregnancy centers that I work with who offer post abortion bible studies. I think it would also be really helpful to give to those who have just finished their RV retreat. I reccommend this book to anyone post abortive or not who would like to read a story of true redemption and freedom. Jesus truly does "make all things new".

 4/19/12 - "Finally started reading your book today and before I knew it, wad through the first 6 chapters!!! the people sitting around me in the library probably thought I was crazy because the emotions on my face changed drastically and often. can't wait to finish the book. probably tonight. I love you. Finished the book. cover to cover. what an inspiration you are. I can't wait to pass it along!!!!"

 3/12/12 - "Jodi, i would love to talk with you. Can you call me? My number is in my info. Thanks.. I was very moved by your book. I would like to know how i can help others. I also had one. I need to help. How do i proceed?"

  Jesus shines all throughout this book, His grace does heal!, February 19, 2012

"This book is for anyone who needs reminded of just how much Jesus loves them. The unbelivable healing He gives in this book is out there for everyone. Jodi and Ron come across as real people who have real issues and descions to make in life. They dont always make the right ones, but when they surrender to God, He works it all out for good. This book was a quick easy read, and i felt so encouraged when i was done reading it. People are hurting all over the USA, and this book gives so much hope!"


October 30, 2012 - Speaking Engagement 

Pope John Paul II High School:  Royersford, PA - Sharing our story of our multiple abortions and the consquences of our choices.

September 16, 2012 - Noon-6pm

Pray n Play 4Life - come join us to celebrate life and support local pregnancy center and Rachel's Vineyard Ministry which offers post abortion healing retreat weekends.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

Constitutional Ave., New Freedom PA


April 28, 2012:

"Women of Grace"

St. Joesph's Parish

York, PA


 Special Event - April 10, 2012

Please join us at the YMCA

Location: Constitution Ave, Shrewsbury,PA

Time: 7-9pm  

3 Speakers from the Pa Pro Lifer Federation will be on hand for talks and question and answers regarding Healthcare and the changes that are set to take place as it stands as well as life issues, to aid in your decision making process for the upcoming elections- The goal is information - You will not be told how to vote but receive information that will help you know how to vote. Any questions call or email Joy 717-788-4959 or RVpamd@gmail.com


Knowledge equals power. Join us in becoming more educated voters.

 February 15, 2012: Book Now available in E-book format: Amazon.com, Apple Ipad, Barnes and Noble, and Google. February 28, 2012: A Voice to the Inner Pain accepted by Spring Arbor Christain Distributors

























































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